Welcome to Blender Tchat !

Welcome to Enguerrand Quilliard's Blender Tchat Addon !

This addon enables you to insert a Tchat interface right inside Blender, and instant world-wide messaging.


Set your profile picture, create some private rooms, and invite your friends !

Instant share files, but as well Blender Assets such as Meshes, Materials, Textures, or even Particule Systems, etc...

The others just need a click to append your content right inside his Blender scene


A beautiful interface fully based on the OpenGL wrapper of Blender : BGL !

Manage a tchatting interface with overlays over your 3D View, Image Editor, or even Node Editor.


Public Rooms, Private Rooms, or Direct Tchat

Create as many private rooms as you want, and invite your friends !

Add users as friend to be able to start direct tchat with them


Nice Emojis

More than 1670 emoticons from Open Emoji are available, inserted in a nice way using Blender's OpenGL wrapper (bgl).



Choose a specific sound in order not to miss any message.