Blender is Open Source, why should I pay for an addon ?

Indeed Blender is free, but developping Blender is not free. Developpers at Blender Foundation are paid thanks to donations. Paying for this addon is a way of doing a donation. In addition, I have to pay for the server, the more users, the more data stored online, the more I'll be charged. Thank's a lot for your help !

Are communications secured ?

Yes, the Tchat Addon uses HTTPS connexion with SSL encryption, meaning all the communications between your machine, and the server, are encrypted and cannot be stollen on their way.

That said, the server is not 100% free of any bug or attacks. That's why I would advice not to share confidential or sensible data using this tool. As said in the GPL Licence Blocks :

"This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY"

Are you saving my password on the server ?

No. Authentification is done using SHA256 hash. It means, let's say your password is "HelloKitty" (which is not very safe, by the way), the password will be transformed in a complex string like "5c561176cd17c42d96599b3dfc796a71e84293b608801581482aa08bcc9bcbad" which is called a hash, and saved that way.

The next time you log in, you type again "HelloKitty", the same long string is generated, and authentification is done dealing with these strings. The interesting thing is the fact that this hash generation cannot be done backward.

It means that if for some reasons the server is hacked, the hacker would not access passwords, but only their complex hash. Let's say it's also your Facebook password, it would be no use for the Hacker. It's a way of adding security for (bad) people who use the same password everywhere. That said, you should never use the same password on different websites and services.

Are you saving my password on my machine ?

Yes, only if you check "Remember Me". It's stored localy in a config file, like a web browser would do. That's why exchanging copies of the Addon is very unsecure, as the config file could likely be given as well. Anyway the source code is given for free, so don't share your version of the addon, just give the official download link.

Is chatting using a lot of internet data ?

Not at all. Requests are very light. In addition, the Blender Tchat Client is using "long pooling" on the server, which means, it makes an update request, and the HTTPS connection is left open until a new message arrives, and the server responds at that moment. It means it should not cost more that one HTTPS request per message, which is very light.

For example with 1MB of data, you could send / receive about 20 000 message of an average of 50 characters.

Profile pictures are resized 72x72, sent only one time, and saved localy.

Contact / Issues / Bug Reports / Suggestions

If you con join the Facebook Blender Tchat Group for issues, bug reports, suggestions, etc

Who are you ?


Hi, my name is Enguerrand Quilliard, and I live in France next to Grenoble. I work as a Research Engineer for Artificial Intelligence.

Two of my passions are coding, and 3D modeling. Here is an addon for merging both...

Enjoy !